Shiitake Temple X Medicinal Mushrooms Extract

6,000 Years of Healing and Fine Taste


Shiitake Temple Sticks Extract, Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts


Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

Independently Reviewed Certificate of Analysis · Medicinals · Organic · Vegan


30% ßeta Glucans. 100% Pure Fruit Body. 100% Flavour.

Light up your world with with Shiitake Temple Sticks Medicinal Mushroom Extract.

TFMMEX Shiitake Temple Sticks Extract

The Science, The Future

30% Highly Active Beta Glucan Mushroom Polysaccharides.

100% Pure Shiitake Temple Sticks Fruiting Body. The Real Deal.

100% Shiitake Taste. Full flavour: Subtle yet Robust, Smoky, Woodsy.

Certificate of Analysis – Exact Medicinal and Nutritional Values

Awarded Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

Pure MI · Organic · Vegan Verified · Non-GMO · Gluten Free · Independently Assayed

Pure Mushroom Initiative (Pure MI) – the highest standards for mm companies.
PMI 804 Certified Organic – beyond certified organic.
Pure Mushrooms™ – contains no compounded (grown on substrate) mycelia.

Shiitake Temple Sticks, Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts
Shiitake mushroom, Lentinula edodes

TFMMEX Shiitake Temple Sticks Extract

The Tradition

For over 6,000 years the shiitake mushroom has been a standard in Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen and restore the Heart and the Qi. Shiitake Temple Sticks Extract lights up your world with delicious nutrients and it’s rich, sweet aroma and taste.

香菇 – Xiang Gu (fragrant mushrooms) and 花菇 – Huā Gu (flower mushrooms) are names in China. Traditional Future CEO Jayun McDowell travels to innermost China to meet with farmers and producers: Learning about wild-craft sustainability, organic growing methodologies and advanced scientific processing technologies.

Zhejiang Province is renown for the first cultivation of shiitake mushrooms. Jayun delights in visiting this region for the culinary dishes, the people and the temple dedicated to Wu San Kwang. It was in this temple, under the magnificent statue of Wu, that she was invited to be the querent in Kau Cim, a practice that dates back to the Jin Dynasty. One of magical moments Jayun treasures from her time in China. And hence the name Shiitake Temple Sticks Extract.

香菇 - Shiitake Monograph

Names / Medicinal Properties / Cautions

Shiitake Monograph

Shiitake Mushrooms. Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

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Shiitake Temple Sticks Medicinal Mushroom Extract



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