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Traditional Future honours a clear mission — providing the highest quality medicinal mushrooms in the world.

Quality, Transparency, Honesty

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Vancouver / Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

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traditionalfuturegricebaytofinoTraditional Future Vision Centre is located in Tofino, BC, Canada.


Corporate Responsibility

Traditional Future honours corporate responsibility to clients, our planet and our future. As a leader in medicinal mushroom extracts we have an obligation to quality, purity and sustainability. Because Traditional Future provides a luxury product we must also provide assurance that this product is beyond excellence. The experience of the best in the world includes knowing that your choice of health means retaining the health of the environment.

To that end we follow the ethical standards set out in The Pure Mushroom Initiative: standards that govern quality of the mushrooms from farm to you and standards that meet the criteria for a transparent corporate culture. Your body, your right to know.



The Pure Mushroom Initiative

Professional Standards for the Medicinal Mushroom Industry.

The Pure Mushroom Initiative originated in 2006 to ensure the highest quality standards for medicinal mushrooms.

The initial report was a critique of three common practices of the North American market.

Recognizing that science and knowledge of health issues is ongoing, The Pure Mushroom Initiative continues to advance standards for quality of product and client experience. Included in the current report: Medicinal Compounds, SUPER Certified Organic™, Extraction Processes, Assay Methodologies, Client Rights, Corporate Transparency.

Traditional Future is committed to the standards of the Pure Mushroom Initiative.

The first and only initiative that qualifies production and professional responsibilities for medicinal mushroom companies.

Pure MI is open source and available to everyone.

The Pure Mushroom Initiative: Professional Standards for the Medicinal Mushroom Industry – [year]



Strength and Balance Together

Alongside the trust of traditional ways and scientific research is our belief in you. We value the wisdom and experience of every person who follows their path to health and wellness. Traditional Future offers expertise in medicinal mushroom traditions and science: our clients offer their stories and life awareness.

The mission of Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts is providing the highest level of quality, purity and transparency in medicinal mushrooms. It’s the right thing to do – for body, mind and heart; for the planet; for all.



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