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Ultra Medicinal Mushrooms Products

Red Reishi Spores, PSP Polysaccharide Peptide, Dazzling Antrodia

Rare, Exotic, Exceptional

0-60 Red Reishi Spores

0-60 Red Reishi Spores

SCO2 Extracted Red Reishi Spores

Accelerate your health with red reishi freed spores. Super Critical CO2 Extraction frees the powerful medicinals of red reishi spores: scientific innovation of traditional methodologies.

Perfect PSP

Perfect PSP

PSP – Polysaccharide Peptide

Perfect PSP is simply that. The real thing. Not based on the real thing. Not just like the real thing. This is the PSP used in the clinical trials. Tablet form. Trust your health to Perfect PSP.

Dazzling Antrodia

Dazzling Antrodia

Dazzling Antrodia cinnamomea

A rare and exceptional medicinal mushroom grown in a sustainable organic environment. Antrodia cinnamomea is a prized medicinal and includes over 75 medicinal compounds.

Premium Medicinal Mushrooms Extracts

Red Reishi, Shiitake, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake, Oyster

Red Reishi Road

Red Reishi Road

Reishi Medicinal Mushroom Extract

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Red Reishi is revered. Reishi nourishes the Heart, calms the Spirit and tones the Qi. Draw the knowledge of centuries into your body, heart and soul.

Shiitake Temple

Shiitake Temple

Shiitake Medicinal Mushroom Extract

For over 6,000 years TCM has counted on beautiful Shiitake to strengthen and restore the Heart and Qi. Shiitake Temple Extract lights up your world with delicious medicinals.

Cool Cordyceps

Cool Cordyceps

Cordyceps militaris Medicinal Extract

Cordyceps is a highly sought after medicinal fungus. Many stories are told, find out why this vegan, organic Cordyceps militaris extract deserves the reputation as a fine medicinal.

Chunky Chaga

Chunky Chaga

Chaga Medicinal Mushroom Extract

Originally used by the indigenous peoples in the Kama River Basin, Jayun tuned into this amazing mushroom in the 1990s. Today the world knows Chaga as a super alt-medicinal.

Most Amazing Maitake

Most Amazing Maitake

Maitake Medicinal Mushroom Extract

Most Amazing Maitake is an enigma – delicate yet packed with medicinals which include D-fraction, a concentrated beta-glucan with a ratio of beta-glucan to protein of 7:3. A whole lotta love.

Mighty Oyster

Mighty Oyster

Oyster Medicinal Mushroom Extract

Mighty Oysters are known for the presence of statins. Medicinal dosages of statins lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. And powerful Pleuran too! A natural and delicious health benefit.

Medicinal Mushrooms Extracts Coming Soon!

Roaring Lion’s Mane  (Hericium erinaceus)
Flower Power Tremella  (Tremella fuciformis)
Fantastic Turkey Tail  (Trametes versicolor)
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