Red Reishi Road Medicinal Mushroom Extract

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Red Reishi Road Extract, Traditional Future Medicinal Mushrooms


Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

Independently Reviewed Certificate of Analysis · Medicinals · Organic · Vegan


30% ßeta Glucans. 5% Triterpenes. 100% Pure Fruit Body.

Fuel your Qi with Red Reishi Road Medicinal Mushroom Extract.

TFMMEX Red Reishi Road Extract

The Science, The Future

30% Highly Active Beta Glucan Mushroom Polysaccharides.

5% Reishi Triterpenes – Significant & Unique Secondary Metabolites.

100% Red Reishi Road Fruiting Body. The Real Deal.

Certificate of Analysis – Exact Medicinal and Nutritional Values

Awarded Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

Pure MI · Organic · Vegan Verified · Non-GMO · Gluten Free · Independently Assayed

Pure Mushroom Initiative (Pure MI) – the highest standards for mm companies.
PMI 804 Certified Organic – beyond certified organic.
Pure Mushrooms™ – contains no compounded (grown on substrate) mycelia.

Reishi mushroom, Ling Zhi, Ganoderma lucidum

TFMMEX Red Reishi Road Extract

The Tradition

The Road to Reishi has been traveled for centuries. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Red Reishi is revered. Reishi calms the Spirit, nourishes the Heart and tones the Qi. Draw the knowledge of centuries into your body and soul. Reishi is daily nourishment for body, mind and heart.

靈芝  – Ling Zhi is the name in China, meaning spirit/spirit mushroom of longevity. Traditional Future CEO Jayun McDowell travels to innermost China to meet with farmers and producers: Learning about wild-craft sustainability, organic growing methodologies and advanced scientific processing technologies.

Touring the countryside, visiting temples and museums, and partaking in végan culinary delights, in homes and restaurants, with our hosts is part of the rich experience and offers a true representation of Chinese culture and traditions. Sharing of ideas, dreams and goals with local people in each province furthers our ethic that throughout the world we are all connected.

靈芝 - Red Reishi Monograph

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Red Reishi Monograph

Red Reishi Mushroom, Traditional Future

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Red Reishi Road Medicinal Mushroom Extract



Daily nourishment for body, mind and heart.


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