Quality and Integrity

How do I recognize a quality medicinal mushroom extract?

We’re happy you asked!


1. Quality & Science

Our favourite part. Start with the best quality mushrooms. Grow with intent. Harvest by hand. Test according to international scientific methodologies. Then relay that science to our clients in an understandable format.

2. Certification

Anyone can claim their products are this or that – and they do. But certifications by recognized organizations set standards that you can trust. Rigid compliance is mandatory to keep domestic and international certifications.

3. Packaging & Delivery

Really? Yes. Organic mushrooms packaged in pesticide grown or GMO pouches or capsules – not us. Extract powder stored waiting for big production runs – don’t think so. Details matter. That’s why we’re a boutique company.

4. Corporate Culture

Is there a phone number to call the company? Do they use medicinal mushrooms? Are they knowledgeable about the products? Can you talk with the CEO? Is the company invested in health? Traditional Future is.

5. Transparency

Can you track your medicinal mushroom extract? Do you have access to the scientific testing results of the product you just purchased? Do you know exactly what you are putting into your body? We think you should!

Traditional Future honours the ethical standards set out in The Pure Mushroom Initiative.


Pure Mushroom Initiative Certification

Professional Standards for the Medicinal Mushroom Industry

Standards that govern quality of the mushrooms from farm to you
and standards that meet the criteria for a transparent corporate culture.

Your body. Your right to know.