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We believe in the healing of magic through science

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Quality, Integrity, Organic, Holistic

Mushroom extracts from farm to you. Traditionally sourced, Scientifically proven. Certified: Organic, Vegan, Pure MI.

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To receive the benefit of any medicinal one must take an effective dosage. We work with professional medicinal mushroom health practitioners to provide full nutrients in each Traditional Future sleeve. We encourage you to learn about effective medicinal dosages. Health is a dedication and shortcuts and hype have no place in a truly balanced and healthy lifestyle.

TFMMEX Products are Offered Exclusively to Industry Professionals and Select Clients

Medicinal Mushroom Extracts for Health Practitioners, Athletes and Those Facing Challenging Situations

Functional Food Products for Chefs. Suppliers of Quality Ingredients to Corporate Clients.

Vegan Believe Certified Vegan Product   Canada Organic, Canada Certified ORganic   USDA Organic, USDA Certified Organic   EU Organic Certified, European Union Organic  

Vegan. Certified Organic Canada, USDA, EU. Pure Mushroom Initiative. Personally used since 1999.

Innovative SuperCritical CO2 Extraction

Traditional Pure Water and Absolute Alcohol Extractions.

Exacting standards for precise results and the widest possible spectrum.

Analysis Transparency

Track every purchase for quality and exact nutritional information.

Your body, your right to know.

Traditional Future Certificate of Analysis. With Every Purchase Each Traditional Future product links to a Medicinal Mushroom Certificate of Analysis which specifies the exact nutritional percentages and quantities of your purchase. Innovative. Inclusive. Transparent.

Mycelia from Submerged Culture Technology

Traditional Future has never used mycelia grown on grain.

Others claim not to now, but check their past.

Proudly Supporting Organic Farmers

Certified Organic farms, high-tech labs, thousands of years of tradition.

Your Health is Our Priority.

Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

We are Medicinal Mushroom Professionals.
Integrating traditional methodologies with exacting scientific standards.


We are soul cyclists, surfers, runners, readers, thinkers and doers who rely on medicinal mushrooms to nourish our intricate lives — keeping us balanced and rising to all challenges. Since 1999.


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Traditional Future Medicinal Mushrooms Stamp  And that goes for our animal companions too!




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