Traditional Future, Tofino, BC, Canada

Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts Start with Nature.

Traditional Future Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

Traditional Future Tofino and Vancouver BC Canada


Traditional Future begins in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. To learn from Nature we immerse ourselves in her beauty and splendour.


Simplify — our lives, our food and our medicine. Nature teaches us that by investing in ourselves through nutrition, contemplation and movement one may savour a life rich in awareness, friendship and connection.

Jayun, Tofino, BC

Jayun, Tofino – CEO Traditional Future

Jayun, Surf LIke a Grrl, Tofino

Surf Like a Grrl

Jayun, Mushroom Foraging, Tofino

Foraging in Tofino

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Tofino is set in the wilderness of West Coast Canada. Nature is balance, the yin and yang. The ocean is serene and powerful: The forest – intimate and immense: Wildlife – alert and respectful. Life is ever-changing: staying connected and present requires intent, commitment and a clear vision of our healthy selves.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is the urban centre of British Columbia. We love cities – cities immerse one into a connectedness and foster new ideas from multiculturalism and a sharing of experiences. Conversations, feedback and access to academia, practitioners and conferences bring a cohesion that creates new models for health and awareness. We are fortunate to be part of Vancouver’s cosmopolitan tapestry renowned for its cultural diversity, natural beauty and the health of its citizens.

Our Partners in Canada, China and United States

To offer premium medicinal mushroom products, Traditional Future begins with the finest raw, organic ingredients and works with our business partners to ensure quality and purity. We invest great thought and testing into every decision. We delve beyond trends deep into the science and tradition of our mushroom extracts to provide you with the finest medicinal mushroom products. These products fuel our health and we don’t put just anything into these bodies!


Mind, body and soul are nourished by our food choices. Whole, organic, trusted foods are needed by every part of our being. Life demands a great deal of us. No matter who you are, challenges are placed in your path and to negotiate your way takes courage that understands retreat, a strong voice that understands silence, a perfection that understands mistakes and a heart that is open to all life has to offer.

Traditional Future

To find balance in nutrition, we look to the traditional stories and cultures for medicinal mushrooms that have healed throughout the ages. We also focus on the future of scientific methodologies to further our understanding of these traditional medicines: believing both tradition and future are integral to the balance of life.

Join The Revolution

Join Traditional Future on the journey to harmonize our health. Life is a wonderment of action/rest; pain/joy; noise/quiet. Sharing fosters awareness, understanding and connection. The journey is our teacher – let us learn together.