Mighty Oyster Medicinal Mushroom Extract

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mighty oyster extract


Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

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35% ßeta Glucans. 100% Pure Mushroom.

Statins Galore! Pleuran Too! in Mighty Oyster Medicinal Mushroom Extract.

TFMMEX Mighty Oyster Extract

The Science, The Future

35% Highly Active Beta Glucan Mushroom Polysaccharides.

5% Pleuran, a unquie β-d-glucan.

100% Mighty Oyster Fruiting Body. The Real Deal.

Certificate of Analysis – Exact Medicinal and Nutritional Values

Awarded Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

PMI 800 Certified Organic · Vegan Verified · Non-GMO · Gluten Free · Independently Assayed

Pure Mushroom Initiative (PMI) – the highest quality standards for medicinal mushroom companies.
PMI 804 Certified Organic – beyond certified organic for the purest and safest quality possible.
Pure Mushrooms™ – contains no compounded (grown on substrate) mycelia.

Oyster Medicinal Mushrooms

TFMMEX Mighty Oyster Extract

The Tradition

Delicate in form and powerful in vitamins, essential amino acids and uniquely offering a valuable source of pleuran and natural statins oyster mushrooms have been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Noted as ‘the mushroom of flower heaven’ during the Song Dynasty the beautiful shell shaped oyster mushrooms offer those concerned about high cholesterol a natural course of healing.

平菇 – Píng gū is the name in China. Traditional Future CEO Jayun McDowell travels to innermost China to meet with farmers and producers: Learning about wild-craft sustainability, organic growing methodologies and advanced scientific processing technologies.

As a soul athlete Jayun’s diet includes Mighty Oyster for immune system support after high intensity sessions, which reduce NK cell activity (NKCA). Pleuran, a β-d-glucan polysaccharide from Pleurotus ostreatus modulates NKCA so we stay healthy during recovery.

Oyster Monograph

Names / Medicinal Properties / Cautions


Oyster Monograph

oyster mushroom

Proper Name
Pleurotus ostreatus
Common Names
Píng gū 平菇
Hiratake 平茸
Medicinal Properties
Used in Herbal Medicine to support the immune system.
Source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties.
With diabetes, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

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Mighty Oyster Medicinal Mushroom Extract


mighty oyster medicinal mushroom extract


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