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20% ßeta Glucans. 3% Triterpenes. 100% Pure Mushroom Mycelium.

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TFMMEX Chunky Chaga Extract

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20% Highly Active Beta Glucan Mushroom Polysaccharides.

3% Chaga Triterpenes – Significant & Unique Secondary Metabolites.

100% Chaga Pure Mushroom Mycelia. The Real Deal.

Certificate of Analysis – Exact Medicinal and Nutritional Values

Awarded Pure Mushroom Initiative Product of Excellence

PMI 800 Certified Organic · Vegan Verified · Non-GMO · Gluten Free · Independently Assayed

Pure Mushroom Initiative (PMI) – the highest quality standards for medicinal mushroom companies.
PMI 804 Certified Organic – beyond certified organic for the purest and safest quality possible.
Pure Mushrooms™ – contains no compounded (grown on substrate) mycelia.

Chaga fungus, Medicinal Mushrooms

TFMMEX Chunky Chaga Extract

The Tradition

Wildcrafted chaga has been part of the Traditional Indigenous Knowledge of the people of Russia, China and Scandinavia. It thrives in the northern climatic zones of birch and hardwood forests. The fruiting body of chaga is rare, lasts a few days and difficult to detect once it has bust forth through the bark. The mushroom mycelium grows slowly taking years to develop the rich nutrients and triterpenes that has been part of indigenous healing throughout the ages.

Inonotus obliquus is the Latin name meaning bright skin shining.
ча́га is the name in the language of the people in the Kama River Basin, Russia and from which the name chaga has been derived. 

Bai Hua Rong / Hua Jie Kong Jun are the names in China. Traditional Future CEO Jayun McDowell travels to innermost China to meet with farmers and producers: Learning about wild-craft sustainability, organic growing methodologies and advanced scientific processing technologies.

The first chaga Jayun experienced was traditional indigenous wildcrafted ча́га from Russia. In the late 1990s the folklore from Russia had sparked great interest and yes, the red tape involved in the importation was extensive. Today TFMMEX Chunky Chaga is organically grown, extracted and tested to ensure purity and quality.

ча́га - Chaga Monograph

Names / Medicinal Properties / Cautions


Chaga Monograph

Chunky Chaga Extract MedicinalChunky Chaga Extract MedicinalChunky Chaga Extract Medicinal

Chaga, TFMMEX Medicinal Mushrooms

Proper Name
Inonotus obliquus
Common Names
Bai Hua Rong / Hua Jie Kong Jun
Black Mass
Medicinal Properties
Consult a health practitioner for a complete list of medicinal properties.
Source of antioxidants.
Source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties.
Used in Russian Traditional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Herbal Medicine
In vitro antitumor activity.
Discuss all use with your health practitioner.

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Chunky Chaga Medicinal Mushroom Extract



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